Every distribution channel serves a purpose, but statistics show that an active mobile app user is most engaged.

Embrace key app features.


mobile app design and push notifications

App Management

Each app is built around an online dashboard that gives organizations easy app management.

  • Push editorial content, photos, videos, streaming, resources and more.
  • Control your ad inventory and push notifications.
  • Monitor app usage patterns and analytics.
Easy Mobile App Management Dashboard

Content and Display

Creating a consistent flow of content and information is crucial for app engagement. Get started by connecting your existing media channels.

  • Connect your CMS to maintain editorial workflow.
  • Develop app-exclusive content via your CMS or ours.
  • Our servers format all content for various device types and screen sizes.
Connect content from any CMS

Videos and Photos

Incorporate multi-media to increase audience attention and better the user experience.

  • Connect video sources like YouTube, Vimeo and others.
  • Manage individual images, albums and collections.
  • Increase reach and engagement with built-in social sharing tools.
Connect videos and photos from existing media channels

Push Notifications

Push notifications become the ultimate engagement opportunity for news and media organizations.

  • Create custom push categories to target your audience.
  • Interactive alerts offer action beyond an app open.
  • View detailed analytics and reporting on each sent message.
  • Great for breaking news, sports scores, weather updates, traffic alerts and more.
Mobile App Push notifications for newspapers, magazines and broadcast companies

Advertising Options

Effective display and sponsorship ad units help grow digital revenues.

  • In-line, static and full-screen ad units for retina displays.
  • Advanced targeting options available like day-parting and campaign weighting.
  • Detailed reporting on impressions and clicks by time, date and location.
  • Not impacted by user-installed ad-blockers.
Mobile app advertising examples

App Analytics

Detailed analytics provide insight into the effectiveness of your mobile app.

  • App downloads, usage patterns and content engagement metrics at your fingertips.
  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing and content strategies.
  • Spot and respond to trends by time period comparisons.
  • Dive deeply into audience demographics, retention, acquisition and more.
Mobile app analytics for publishers


Take comfort in really good app support.
We provide in depth on-boarding and continuous training and support as needed.

Getting Started

Connect Publisher Solutions offers a range of services, support and price options fit for small, medium and large operations. Whether you are launching a new app or transferring users from an existing app, contact us for a personalized call.